The Gilded Gentleman

Jenny Lind At Castle Garden

Episode Summary

A 19th century tale of celebrity, fame, exploitation and ruthless marketing between a world-famous soprano and perhaps history's ultimate showman.

Episode Notes

XXIX. As a special bonus, enjoy this episode from the Bowery Boys Archives in which Greg Young and Tom Meyers tell the truly fascinating story of Jenny Lind, a 19th century soprano known as "the Swedish nightingale".  

Jenny came to America and made her concert debut in 1851 under the management of master showman PT Barnum. Barnum's relentless marketing and Jenny Lind, whose appearances caused enormous sold out crowds, a publicity frenzy and even the creation of merchandise with her name and image, may have prompted America's fascination with celebrity. 

And after you're done with this show, listen to the Gilded Gentleman's two-part tale on another opera star of the 19th century -- Lillian Nordica. Part 1 explores the making of this Gilded Age soprano superstar. Part 2 features an interview with Kate Aldrich, acclaimed Mezzo-Soprano, whose career has taken her around the world from New York's Metropolitan Opera to Milan's La Scala and the Opera Bastille in Paris.

And visit the Bowery Boys website for more images regarding Miss Lind's incredible American tour