The Gilded Gentleman

Fighting Poverty with Her Pen: Gilded Age Journalist Zoe Anderson Norris

Episode Summary

Carl is joined by author Eve M. Kahn, to discuss Gilded Age Journalist Zoe Anderson Norris (1860-1914), who covered the living conditions on the Lower East Side.

Episode Notes

While the Gilded Age's rich and powerful ruled from their mansions on Fifth Avenue, the poor and immigrant communities downtown struggled simply to survive.  Arriving in New York in the early 20th century, journalist and novelist Zoe Anderson Norris devoted her talents to covering the world of the Lower East Side and do what she could to bring about acknowledgement of living conditions and to effect social change.  

Zoe wrote countless newspaper and journal articles and even launched her own literary magazine to further her mission - "I fight for the poor with my pen."  Known as the "Queen of Bohemia", for solidarity, Norris created the "The Ragged Edge Klub" which met at local restaurants for cheap meals and passion-fueled conversation. 

Former New York Times columnist, author and independent scholar, Eve M. Kahn joins the Gilded Gentleman to share her insights and research into the life and work of this extraordinary crusader for human rights whose voice seems just as relevant and powerful today.